To paraphrase a classic, "I'm ready to believe you!"

I have been working in the paranormal field since 2004.  Let my experience help you!

Do you think your house or business might be haunted?

Have you thought about having it looked into, but you didn't really know where to turn?

Do you have general questions about the paranormal, or do you just feel the need to get "something off your chest?"

No matter your situation, odds are good that I can help (and maybe even that I've seen something like it before).
Many people do not feel comfortable letting a group of strangers into their home, and that is more than reasonable. I'm willing to work on a case however you see fit. If you do decide that you're interested in a full investigation, I have many contacts in the Michigan paranormal community, and I can help make that happen.



If you have questions or comments, send me an email

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